photo every hour_10am.jpg
10am photo every hour_11am.jpg
11am photo every hour_12pm.jpg
12pm photo every hour_1pm.jpg
1pm photo every hour_2pm.jpg
2pm photo every hour_3pm.jpg
3pm photo every hour_4pm.jpg
4pm photo every hour_5pm.jpg
5pm photo every hour_6pm.jpg
6pm day in flat iron square.jpg

Every hour, exactly on the hour, throughout the 5th of July 2012 photographers Christina Stohn, Jens Stohn and Martin Dixon collected as many people as possible to take part in a group photograph.

Workers and idlers, passers-by and shop-keepers were all immortalised in a Flat Iron Group Photograph, taken on an instant camera, displayed at the kiosk, published in a book and displayed in the nearby Island Cafe.