A Break


Every Sunday for the last twelve weeks I’ve posted a short piece of writing here about photography, but it’s time to take a break – I’ll continue with the writing, but more occasionally, now it’s time for something new.

Finding ways to make new work is the question everyone engaged in creative endeavours has to grapple with. I’m a sucker for coming up with an idea and then repeating it over and over, every hour – One Day in Flat Iron Squareeveryday – 365 Self Portraitsor every week – Writing about Photography. Working within time constraints definitely helps with motivation and focus. Recently I came across The Photographer’s Playbook by Aperture, a collection of 307 ideas and assignments from as many photographers. The ideas are both tough and easy, serious and funny – they encourage letting go of assumptions about how photographs ‘should’ look and suggest ways to get out and make new work. There’s a full review of the book here at the BJP http://www.bjp-online.com/2014/08/make-your-photography-more-fun-say-aperture-authors/ As the blurb on the cover says, ‘the best way to learn is by doing’.

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  1. Hi Martin
    Thanks for your persistence and your inspiration.
    Re repetition, I expect you know Teihing Hseih at the extreme. I saw his work called Time Clock Piece on Sunday at the Turner Contemporary in an exhibition called ‘Identity’ about self portraits. For a year, he snapped himself every hour. He shaved his head at the start. He made the thousands of images into a 6 minute film, which was riveting – actually seeing time passing as his hair grew. As I get older visualising time passing becomes more and more interesting to me.

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