Shure – Moyra Davey

Shure – Moyra Davey

Photographer Moyra Davey takes analogue photographs of her domestic world; shelves of VHS videos, stacks of vinyl records, light bulbs, fridges, clocks and dust. She describes these images as being “about the life of objects”.

Shure shows the arm of a record player midway through playing a 12” vinyl album, the stylus of its Shure cartridge thick with dust. Dust clings to the grooves of the record, showing the world as it is, full of imperfection.

Sound is constantly referenced or implied throughout this image, from the highlights and smudges on the vinyl to the mass of dust in the middle ground and on the stylus itself. Her camera’s field of focus is tight on its dusty needle, the foreground and backgrounds dropping off into an out of focus blur, a visual metaphor for the muffled sound we can only imagine. We cannot hear what we see, but the vinyl’s visuality is dense with sound, scratches and clicks.

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